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 photo d487d5a0-e72d-4c63-be33-78d5a30553a5_zpsc072a0fb.png Welcome to my little space. This blog here, is where I share my passions. I design stamp sets and LOVE my job. I wear the mum badge like a boss to three girls. Laugh everyday with my husband. Craft/DIY are my addictions, along with iced-coffee, Instagram, TV series, blogging and food in general... Enjoy
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I love my job of designing stamp sets and being able to sell them. You can check out my stamp store HERE. If your looking for inspiration with use of the stamps, check out this link HERE.

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 photo LINKUP_zps0187c6c7.png  photo fa5a6a65-5c03-43ae-9c87-50310d88e09f_zps423adff1.jpg Every week I am hosting a LINK UP on my blog. Come and share what you have 'currently' been creative with, and then check out everyone else's links for inspiration. Inspire and encourage one another. Check it all out HERE.
 photo CONTACT_zps8976a0ad.png Feel free to contact me if you are looking for something and can not find it through the search button, or just for a chit chat HERE.
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 photo NOTE_zpsc102eca1.png Unless otherwise stated, all words and photos on this here blog are my own. If you use a photo, that is great, only please link back to my blog to provide credit, it would be much appreciated.
I like to share little tutorials and how to for DIY craft projects. If you share what you made with my tutorial on your blog, please provide credit back to my original post. Why not, let me know, as I would love to see what you made!
If you would like to receive blog updates in your inbox, please enter your email address . To follow along with my everyday life and crafts. I hope you enjoy my blog.
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